State of the Art Facility

State of the Art Facility

The efficient precision-design system Allows for builders to order:

A Barden package can consist of Stamped plans, panels, certified trusses, framing materials, roofing, siding , doors, windows, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, hardware and more. Design and estimating services for you and your clients, all in one easy place. Timed shipments planned for you so your can turn one jobsite into  more projects and INCREASE PROFITABILITY.

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Barden Building Systems 

Professional Service & Reliability

For Builders and Developers

NEED design work, stamped plans and certified TRUSSES?

How about timed delivery of all your building components; floor decks, walls , trusses, roofing, windows, doors, siding, cabinetry. All meticulously measured and delivered. All the brands and products you and your clients know and trust with out any of the headaches, calculations or office time. 

Let Barden design and supply your next project. Panelizations allows you to build more projects and faster without compromising quality. Keeping you out of the office and onto the next project.

Imagine the paperwork and time saved not having to estimate and ordering materials, returns, mistakes, poor quality lumber, the headache of constant purchase orders. The component division of Barden has earned its reputation from quality materials and superior service. Builders and craftsman have been placing trust in our hands for over 52 years, by depending on our professionalism and customer service.

Using a teamwork approach to commercial and residential projects, together with our precision-designed system, Barden professionally and thoroughly assists you through the construction process.

Our team of professionals is committed to upholding our reputation as a leader in supplying  building materials to the builders.

Operating from, state-of-the-art facility in Middleport, New York, Barden is readily accessible for all your needs. We manufacture and supply building materials for homes, churches, and commercial buildings from the Atlantic Coast of New England and the Mid-Atlantic states all the way to the Great Lakes, the Mid-West, and now to Ontario, Canada!

We invite you to contact us for more information about the Barden Component Process, for pricing assistance or for design consultation. We are waiting to hear from you and ready to help!

                                           Harbor Villas- Boat Friendly- Alexandria Bay NY

                                           Harbor Villas- Boat Friendly- Alexandria Bay NY